Masks must be worn at all times except when sitting at your table.

  1. Changes to the time and number of people in your reservation must be requested at least 48 hours in advance, however they will not always be accepted
  2. We have a 15-minute grace period. The ENTIRE party must be present in order to be seated. We do not accept a part of the group. After the grace period the reservation will be canceled
  3. Each person who wants to enter must bring an ID, passport or license, (photographs will not be accepted).
  4. Your table will be assigned by our hostess according to the availability of the moment, tables change requests will not be allowed.
  5. The average dining experience ranges from 90 minutes for smaller groups to up to 2 hours for larger parties.
  6. At HORNITOS we required smart casual attire. Clothes that are still casual but well-fitted in style. Hornitos is not a sports bar. Please inform all guests that flip flops and sleeveless shirts won’t be allowed.
  7. Under age- Children are welcome until 9:00pm with their parents.
  8. Admittance into Hornitos is at the discretion of the management. We reserve the right to refuse service to patrons who are inappropriately dressed, under the influence, and/or are wearing articles of clothing containing vulgarity or language that guests may find offensive. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.